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Who is JOB 2.0 - Episode 19

In the SEASON FINALE of Who is JOB 2.0, Jamie is in Newport Beach, CA, for some insane surfing at The Wedge. After, Jamie recaps all his favorite moments from the season, including the best surf sessions, pranks, trips, and everything in between. 

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Who is JOB 3.0 - PREMIERE - Limos, Road Trips, and Barrels - Ep 1

Who is JOB 3.0 - PREMIERE - Limos, Road Trips, and Barrels - Ep 1

In the SEASON PREMIERE, Jamie and his pal Poopies make an impulse purchase on what seems t

Who is JOB 3.0 - TEASER

Who is JOB 3.0 - TEASER

Tune in Friday, May 24th for the SEASON PREMIERE!

2013 Northwest Flannel Cup

POWERED BY CARTER SUBARU - The 2013 Northwest Flannel Cup is a snowboard and ski event located in the Pacific Northwest, hosted by riders in the Pacific Northwest, put on for riders in the Pacific

Monster Energy - 2013 War of Rails Highlights

Monster Energy - 2013 War of Rails Highlights

War of Rails, set at Bear Mountain, CA, returned for its fourth year in 2013, showcasing so

BONUS: Sammy Carlson - 2013 X Games Real Ski: Backcountry

BONUS: Sammy Carlson X Games Real Ski

Sammy Carlson's Real Ski video has captured over half of the fan votes since it released on March 5.

Remember CR Johnson- Everday Is A Saturday Segment

RIP CR Johnson

CR Johnson overcame some of the toughest obstacles as a

Pep Fujas' K2 Remix edit from WE

Pep Fujas is no stranger to gnarly lines in AK and BC.

Joe Schuster 2012 Season Edit

Mr. Joe Schuster dropped his 2012 season edit yesterday on The Kids Concept Vimeo channel, with shots from WE by Poor Boyz Productions...definitely give this one a watch!

Charley Ager K2/PBP Remix

K2 took all of Gnarly Charley's bangers from the newest Poor Boyz Productions movie, ‘WE: A Collection of Individuals’, and remixed it for your viewing pleasure.


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